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The 120-Hour Workweek - Epic Coding Time-Lapse

Last week I set out to see how many hours of programming work I could do in one week on CodeCombat, our multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. I clocked in at 120.75 hours. Here's the epic time-lapse video I generated from Telepath (watch in 1440p if you can):

So what did I learn from this experiment?

Adjustable height desks are amazing.

I bought one from Ergo Depot a few days before. I must have switched between sitting and standing fifty times last week. I would never have survived otherwise.

The weekend!!!!

On My Life - Bit by bit.

Yes! It's the weekend, and as I said yesterday I'm making the most of it. So far I've done nothing productive and have myself had a total output of 0% productivity. I've done no revision, no homework, no schoolwork at all. Instead I have been wasting my time aimlessly playing Minecraft for a couple of hours. I've just eaten some lunch and am now sat here writing this blog post while listening to "Queen greatest hits". I've decided that I'm going to spend my afternoon doing something slightly more productive, experimenting with my Raspberry Pi. It's incredibly good, considering it only costs £26.90 from amazon. There are endless things you can do with it. I've experimented using it as a web server before and have even managed to get a php website running on it. Which is pretty cool even if I do say so myself. I might even have to buy myself another one, so I can use one for experimenting, and the other one for running a permanent server 24/7. It actually runs surprisingly well. If I were to use it as a server, plugged in 24//7, the overall cost would just a bit over the price of the average beef burger.

Although I said I'm not going to start revising until Monday, that was kind of a lie. I'm going to have to start each week on a Sunday. This is due to the fact I have no time Monday evenings as I have local band practice (which I've spoken about before). I can't afford to miss out a day a week and drop down to a 4 day week if I'm going to tackle every past paper maths question. To be honest I don't spend an excessive amount of time revising. Usually about 2-3 hours a night. Which sounds like a long time but doesn't feel like that long. I've also decided after finishing every past paper I'm going to look at the paper grade boundaries so I can record my results on a spreadsheet and track my progress. My target for this year is to get the following grades.

Maths: A

English: A* (Because my coursework was boss).

English lit : A

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