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Help Me Become a Better Conversationalist

Watch out: I use "I" 54 times in this post, so this will be boring if you, like me, aren't interested in hearing me talk about myself.

When I was in high school, I was so shy that I couldn't talk to almost anyone outside my family. Through a last-ditch effort when I went to college, I got better. I then got lucky and succeeded at a lot of things I tried after that, which rescued my general confidence, and I did some focused practice, rejection therapy, public speaking, and Beeminding to fix my social confidence.

But even though I'm no longer afraid to try, that doesn't mean that I can do it well. I still feel that I'm not usually a good conversationalist. I haven't had enough practice, especially since I have always spent most of my working time hacking in my lair instead of working socially. I started to practice things like this after the CFAR workshop in March, but put it on hold after getting married when I hurt my feet.

I'm finally recovered and can go outdoors again, so I spent this week practicing: three days of the hallway track at some conferences (plus moderating a discussion), two group classes, a social lunch, a party, hosting my cofounders for hacking, and a few video calls. I'm not completely socially exhausted--yeah, I threw the "introvert" label out of my identity a while ago--but I'm also not going to the second party tonight.

How did it go? I was trying to practice three things:

Hello New Chinese Readers - 您好,欢迎


So one day I saw links coming from Mandarin websites, initially i thought they were spam -- i have to spend several minutes everyday deleting such spam mail.

Today i checked my stats, and saw hundreds of real live visitors -- real human beings like you. So, hi, welcome! Sorry it took me till now to realise the truth, i welcome you to interact.

I thank the person who translated my articles :) I hope you stick around, even if English is not your first language. In addition, if there are any questions, feel free to drop me an email. All my best wishes to you. So glad you came!

(translated via translate.google.com and a reader-may be inaccurate,so i hope you get the general idea:)


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