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Aftermath: The Motivation Hacker

It's been almost six months since I published The Motivation Hacker, my book on how to get yourself to want to do what you always wanted to want to do. Here's what surprised me.

Sales (update: First Year Book sales)

I use a site called PredictionBook to compare my private guesses to reality for things like this. It helps me be less overconfident. I took a brutal calibration beating on my predictions for how many copies I'd sell in the first six months:

Here's how many I actually sold:

Gold Bar Computer Mouse

On Dave's Footsteps

Whenever I buy computer accessories the first thing I look at is functionality followed by price. I supposed you could say I am frugal when it comes to computer accessories like the keyboards, mouse, mouse pad etc. For me so long as the item fulfills the function I am looking for then I would go for the cheapest I could find. Lillian on the other hand is the exact opposite; she likes her accessories to be fancy looking even if it would cost her much more. The latest expensive accessory she has purchased is the gold bar shaped mouse and though it looked really nice, I don’t think it’s worth the price.

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