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The 120-Hour Workweek - Epic Coding Time-Lapse

Last week I set out to see how many hours of programming work I could do in one week on CodeCombat, our multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. I clocked in at 120.75 hours. Here's the epic time-lapse video I generated from Telepath (watch in 1440p if you can):

So what did I learn from this experiment?

Adjustable height desks are amazing.

I bought one from Ergo Depot a few days before. I must have switched between sitting and standing fifty times last week. I would never have survived otherwise.

How to Stop Getting Frustrated With Yourself (Even When You Never Seem to Learn)

On On Reading and Living

[caption id="attachment_603" align="alignright" width="253"] I can't take it anymore!![/caption]

I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I tried my best to work hard.

I'd wake up before sunrise and slave over it.

Every Sunday night I would promise: next week is the week. The week I'd finally get back at it.


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