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Aftermath: The Motivation Hacker

It's been almost six months since I published The Motivation Hacker, my book on how to get yourself to want to do what you always wanted to want to do. Here's what surprised me.

Sales (updates: First Year Book Sales, Second Year Book Sales, Fourth Year Book Sales)

I use a site called PredictionBook to compare my private guesses to reality for things like this. It helps me be less overconfident. I took a brutal calibration beating on my predictions for how many copies I'd sell in the first six months:

Here's how many I actually sold:

Python for Data mining and Analytics

On The Learning Curve

Python is probably one of the easiest language to learn and with the strong adoption rate from the programming community, I think it is worth it to invest time in learning python.

My journey with python started with a course of Artificial Intelligence and then due to a search engine development course that used python. But I haven't used Python for about 2 years now.

Now a days, I am more interested in doing Data mining and analytics with Python. So here is the first lesson:

(More on this later)

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